Non-Profit Organizations

Michelle J Lambert CPA LLC understands the unique accounting needs of Non-Profit Organizations. NPO’s are continuously challenged to reduce cost, maximize support revenue, meet compliance standards and financial reporting deadlines. The cost savings of outsourcing accounting functions to our firm can provide the expertise, skills and capabilities needed at a fraction of the cost of internal staff.

Delaware Charter Schools

Our Delaware Charter School Division that specializes in support services.  We understand that Delaware Charter Schools are a component of the State of Delaware and must comply with the State accounting rules and regulations. We have extensive experience working with the State’s accounting, payroll and reporting systems. We provide budgeting assistance and financial statement reporting as well as support services for payroll, human resources and benefit services.

Small Business

Our Small Business Division is dedicated to providing customized services to streamline accounting processes, strengthen internal controls and maximize profitability. We will evaluate your specific needs and customize a service package to meet the identified needs. We can generally provide outsourced services for less than cost of an on-staff accountant. We can assist with accounting software setup, staff training, budget and financial statement preparation as well as full-service payroll and tax services.